Thursday, April 21, 2011

Snow and a record at that

Our Easter eggs from gathering today. The magpies got away with some but we got a good amount anyway. Isn't that a colorful carton full. That wasn't quite all but almost.

All that and snow off and on all day long. I heard on the news that we got 1/4 inch which does not sound like much but a record for this day in all time. Frankly, I want winter to leave and let us have some nice weather. They are saying tomorrow and Sunday should be OK. That will be good. All the little girls in their fancy dresses and white shoes should do OK.

Sage got the day off. Snow does something to my willingness to go out and play. Bob did work with Emma. She either has to give in or go home and he will put her down so we just are not giving up on her. Winter did not help and Bob's back put a crimp in her training. Now he is back at it.

Yesterday I mentioned that this is the beginning of four years of blogging. I am a bit puzzled however. 24,038 people have looked at it, that is 31 since this morning, it was that count at 4 this afternoon but only 2 people commented. I LOVE having comments. Thank you two who are faithful commenter's.There are a few others who are faithful too and it is such an encouragement.

Bob is off to a Back Country Horsemen meeting in Deer Park, not the group he is president of, but I just did not feel like going out this evening. We have a funeral to go to in the morning and I will have to get up earlier than usual to get ready and be in to the church in time. We have known her for a long time and it makes me sad.



  1. Beautiful eggs. No need for the Easter bunny to color them. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  2. I do read your blog at least once a week but commenting is now a hassle. It use to be easy.

  3. I am one who reads your blog every day of the week. We are Friends on Facebook because of your blog, too. (I live in Orient after all my life on the West side.) Love those colorful eggs! Had no idea chickens did those Easter Eggs LOL

  4. I haven't been commenting as much lately--I do read, however. It's just getting to be a busier time of year again. I'm not writing on my blog as much either. As you know, I didn't like yesterday's snow AT ALL!

  5. I am also reading your blog every day for more than a year. Like to read about Sage and the progress you make together. And love the other stories, and history, and pics, and . . .
    Keep up writing!
    Greetings, Ad (Schijndel, Holland)

  6. I just tried to comment and it took me to a link to create a blog. Weird...

    I don't get many comments either, but then I also don't comment much on a lot of the blogs I read. I don't usually have a whole lot to say, although I enjoy reading.

    I've tried having give-aways or flat-out asking people to comment. It doesn't help much. I think some people are just more private.

    Today I was going to say I like your eggs. They're very pretty.

  7. Lea, I am so glad you came back. I missed you over the weekend. Do you, I must read your blog every morning with my cup of coffee. I miss your news when you don't blog!

    Beautiful eggs! You must be a very proud hen mommy! Your girls are doing great!

    Sage is making great progress. You always inspire me when I'm working w/my own beasties.

    Your fan,