Friday, April 22, 2011

A lovely day but sad too

This morning we went to the funeral of a great old lady. Ruth Southwick was a real character and loved the Lord with all her heart. She wore a big floppy hat, played the piano wonderfully Loved everyone with an open and totally unpretentious heart. You could not go to her home without having to have coffee or juice and home made cookies. One of her daughters lives in California now but I knew her years ago. It was good to hug her and tell her we knew her mom was rejoicing in heaven.
Bob took a picture of this at a yard sale we went to today. He wants to make some himself.

A black hen sitting in the horse feeder. She had several eggs under her when she got up. Several other hens had used the nest before her. I think we got 22 eggs today.

Where Bob got stuck so bad with the tractor. Its still muddy but most of the water has gone.

What is left of out lake. It was from the top of the picture to the edge of the lawn and you can see sideways where it was and behind me about 5'. Now its just a mud hold.

Bob working on Yuma's foot. I was scratching behind his ears and he through up his head up and squashed my hand between his head and the hitch rail. It is swollen and turning purple but it isn't hurting so much now. He didn't mean to do it.

Someone chewed half his tail off. It was clear to the ground. He and one other horse but I am not going to name her because her "mom" will be upset. Don't know who did it.

Patrick and Brady. I could have walked up to them if Brady's mom had not told him no. They are doing very well. Candy looks ready to calve pretty soon. We have to watch her with her history of twining.

So that's my day, Sage got out to eat a little grass and for some grooming. Bob had to fix fence because Abby decided to go through it again. She is a real twit. So Sage did not get worked but she enjoyed the eating out.



  1. are u kidding me?! she went through another fence! i just worked her less than a week ago! stupid horse! is her tail gone? or is it liberty's. i hope abbys tail isnt gone. im gonna freak out on some horse if it is! ill be out monday to work with her and ill see u on sunday at church

  2. Yes, Katy its hers. I don't know who did it. Wranglers gone too.

  3. So Dru will be glad to know there's not so much water there in the mud hole! HA!