Thursday, July 15, 2010


Please tell me why we needed another tractor? Bob explained it to me but I still do not understand why.
Lane has been practicing driving it.

Bob is out trying to figure out where he can unload it. I guess we must have needed it, he said so anyway.
I did nothing with horses today. My back really has hurt today. I could hardly get anything done even in the house. Made such progress with Sage yesterday, I was going to try but if she had pulled on the rope at all, I would have been done for so didn't.
I am going to go lay back down with ice on my back, must be better tomorrow OR ELSE.


  1. I hope you feel better soon! Back problems are no fun at all.

  2. Thinking of you as your back heals. Sure hope it won't be long before you can do all the things you love doing. So sorry about the pain and not being able to move well.

  3. Hope your back feels better soon - back trouble is just awful.

  4. Sorr you about your back, Lea. Congrats on the new tractor. I guess you can always use an extra!