Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Still - Summer

Summer Stills - a family gathering. Grandkids and great grandkids.
Great granddaughter Lilianna. She hates to have her picture taken.

Nikki and Nathaniel. Look at her knee. It has been a month since she fell and it still is not healed. She was so glad to see two of her grandchildren.

We picked the first of our raspberries. Oh are they good. I should have a bowl full tomorrow to put on my cereal. Nothing better than fresh raspberries.

Nikki and I sent some time with Sage. If Nikki did not live in town she would be wonderful with horses and she loves the mustangs. I will never forget when we saw the South Steens horses in the wild the first time. I thought she might jump out of a moving car to get a picture. Sage was very responsive to her. Loved it.

I love that picture. Nikki helped me pick Sage out in February and I believe she thinks she has a little ownership in her. If Nikki did not live in town, she would have a mustang for sure.
It was good to see her and have her little boys around. She brought Lane's best friend Alfredo with her. They seemed to have fun around the farm.
I am very tired this evening. Did not sleep well last night and need to crawl in earlier tonight. Love to you all

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