Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Good progress

The sweet soft eye of my much loved Sage.
Sunday Stills word was shadow. I am only half a week behind but I saw this, this afternoon when I was working with her. One of the other ones that was not so good looked like I was sitting on her. I can guarantee that I was not.

I did rub her clear down her back and earlier today I brushed her tail. She did not think too much of it but let me. From the one side it was not a big deal but the other side was a little more difficult but we did it. I need to remember to take a better brush out there. There is a big knot in it. I have some spray on stuff but I would imagine that spraying is not something that she would appreciate.

I did get her so I could rub clear down her leg. I did lift up her foot but it was hard on my back so I used the rope mostly to pick it up. That works but I want to be able to do it with my hand. Party of the problem was me bending over so I really spent quite a time just bending over and letting her smell me when I was bent over.

I found her "sweet spot" on her withers and she made the funniest faces. That is when she bit me a some weeks ago. She did not offer to this time. I watched her though.
Today I started with bleach bottles with rocks in them. I rattled them. She took off like a shot. We worked about 20 minutes and she finally just stood there and looked at them. I held one of them out to her without rattling it and she smelled it. Good job Sage. I put them in the middle of the round pen and later we walked around them all different ways but I did not rattle them. Tomorrow is another day.

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  1. She is coming right along, due to all your patient work.