Monday, July 19, 2010

Just a day

Trying to calm Sage down after she had a hissy fit about something that moved somewhere outside the round pen. I am holding my glove, that is why the fingers are sticking up that way. She was mad at me for working with the other horse first. She is very possessive of me but still wants me to think she is stand offish. She loves having her face rubbed.
Emma still has not been touched. She goes around the round pen, changes directions, stops, gives me both eyes but won't let me get close enough to touch her. I worked over an hour this morning and the sweat was running off both of us. She is quite calm but keep your hands off. Just have to keep at it. Need a halter on her, but all in due time I guess.
Worked in the house most of the time I was not out with the horses. Getting stuff ready for a yard sale. Want to clear out this stuff. So much stuff.


  1. I hate doing garage sales. Love going. Go figure. Emma is going to be a real challenge. Sage is coming right along. Funny, she has gone from do not touch me to me, first! Whatta girl!

  2. Getting ready for a yard sale is such a lot of work!

    Lea, your horses are so pretty. I love that you put pictures of them on your blog!