Monday, July 26, 2010

Redo and Horses

Part of my paint crew. Bob and Jade supervising.

Chrissy, the other part of the paint crew. They are doing such a good job and I love it.

Last week I had a hole in my floor, this week it is in my laundry room in the ceiling. He should sheet rock it though tomorrow.

This is where the hole in the floor was. Just has to be mudded and painted. Its coming.

Steve getting ready to make a second hole in the ceiling. This one in the kitchen. Both places are where there was a leak. Made a big mess.

Wrangler when I went out to put them in off the grass this morning. He came right away. He is a reall good boy.

I haven't posted any pictures of Rusty in a while. She was not going to go in for me until I yelled at her. She is such a pretty girl. I wish someone had her with the patience to get her going good.

I wish I had pictures of Sage this morning. I took her out of any kind of pen to eat grass. She was nervous at first but then did fine and lead back in like she had been doing it forever. Three cheers for my sweet girl. She gets better all the time.


  1. What a treat for her, to go out grazing. And, what a treat for you that you could take her out with no fussing. I still love Rusty, but I am not the person to take her on and make something of her. Twenty years ago, yes. Now, not so much.

  2. Nice--looks like quite a project you have going. The horses look great.

  3. that is so awesome about sage!! yahoo!!!! cameron and i are coming out on thursday to RIDE!! we are going to ride no matter what!! lol