Saturday, July 24, 2010

More Airplanes

It is hard to get the camera to focus. They move so fast.
There were six planes in all. F6 - can't remember his name but he graduated from high school here in Spokane. They just are so awesome.

I called the little plane the bumble bee. The two planes flew around like that for several minutes and then another older plane but in between in size joined them. It was pretty cool.

This plane carried the paratroopers but we could not see them from here. I have seen them come tumbling out before though.

Our "granddaughter" Katie and her fiance Cameron. They came to watch the planes from here. They got off work at 1:30 so just made it.

This is Ike our oreo steer. I love how he looks. Did not see the quail when I took the picture.

Raven contemplating on whether she was going to go to shade or stand there for her nap. She is such a good girl.

Emma watching the dog play. She is the best trained untouched horse. She does whatever I tell her with body language but she won't let us touch her.

Sage. She has shade and was enjoying it.

They were hanging out in the yard today. Probably because we had sprinklers going. Poor little birds get so hot. Love the quail. We call them suicide birds because they run instead of flying and I hate hitting them with the car.
Hope your weekend is blessed.


  1. Lea you take some beautiful pictures! I love the airplane ones and your granddaughter is a doll. blessings, marlene

  2. The planes were awesome!! Great pics!!