Friday, July 23, 2010

Weeds and airlplanes

The Thunderbirds practice right overhead. I love watching them. The air show is tomorrow and Sunday. We have family and friends coming to watch from out back yard. You can't see the on the ground stuff but anything in the air we can.

Loved to watch these planes. You might get tired of hearing about them before the weekend is over.

Besides watching airplanes today I got all of the garden area weeded and the weeds fed to the chickens. They thought they were in chickie heaven. Also got most of the raspberries weeded too. It was not so hot today but sunny so I could do it and not melt away.

I worked with Sage a while but had a headache and didn't work too long. She did awesome so I didn't worry about it. I have the rattlely containers tied to her gate and she doesn't like to go past them but she did better today. I had a two step stool that I use for a mounting block and I thought her eyes would bug out when she looked at it the first time but it did not move so she got mostly used to it. I got her up by it and then I got up on it. She snorted a little but did not leave. I was above her and she let me rub her head and her neck. I tried to pick up the stool and move it but that made her jump away. We worked on that a while and will get back to it in the AM. It is going to be really hot this weekend will need to work with her early.

Sunday is going to be around 100 degrees. Summer is upon us with a vengeance. I am not complaining though. We have a cool house for respite.


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