Monday, October 24, 2011

Three Hours.........Whew

From the part of the South Steens where the horses reside to the higher Steens Mountains. It was cold up there but we did have a fun day.

Today Sage and I both got a real workout.

I rode her about an hour and a half, part of the time on the lunge line and it scared me a little because I did not feel in control. By the time we were done she was turning nicely on her rear end and walking right out. I was exhausted when she let me out.

Marilyn working on the ground with her. She worked her and I worked her. Sage and I were both sweating on a chilly day. Man oh man is she making progress. Sage that is. I don't know about me.It was three hours and she worked my legs off. I think I am 3 inches shorter. That has always been a trial for me to use my legs a lot riding. I know what I am supposed to do but I do not have much strength there. I am going to try my bumper spurs tomorrow. That will give me a little more leg to put on her. I will have to learn to use my seat more. I preach using your legs but mine wear out too soon. You will notice how short my legs are on her. Oh well, I am more in love with my horse every day.


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  1. Such a beautiful picture Lea - that first one! blessings, marlene