Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Old pictures but a good day

Sage, Ditto and Amelia
Bob and the boys getting hugs.


Stella and Rocky.

No pictures of Sage and I working today. We worked about an hour on the ground and I rode about an hour. It was good and she did what I asked. I had to pop her on the neck a couple of times to keep her moving at a decent pace. She would like to just amble. I know she is plumb tired or going around and around.I want to at least get out to the arena. I think it will be better but want to get the okay from Marilyn. I have entrusted her to help me finish her so I will do as she says.

Went to the doctor for a blood draw to check my potassium levels again. I have been taking a supplement trying. Don't know why it was low. I feel great though.


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