Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Better Day

A mare and her baby girl being loaded. Baby has been named Thunder.
Sahil (pronounced saw-hill and as he said no w and one l). He is from Bulgaria and has a wonderful to listen to accent. He was a very nice man. We had breakfast with him a couple of days in the motel breakfast room. Found out he is an actor and in real estate in southern CA.

The auctioneer,.

This young lady won a gentled mustang in a drawing. I did not buy a ticket because I was afraid I might win. Her name is Kim.

A plaque they dedicated to Ron Harding who past away last year. He was really "Mr. Kiger". Bob got acquainted with him a few years ago when Bob was selected to sit on a panel in Burns about the mustangs.

Again, our favorite.

The three wild ones we saw up in the South Steens. They were so pretty and looking at something else that was spooking them.

From further away. The other one was trailing as they left "dodge" pretty quickly. It was not us. They had seen us but were not watching us when they spun around and left.

The rode out to the South Steens.

In the corrals, this little girl was resting in the sunshine oblivious that the auction was about to start.

Hope you are not getting tired of my photos. I think I have one more day worth.

I rode Sage again today and we had a good day. I worked her for almost an hour. I put my old saddle on her and thank goodness, it is wide enough for her. Yeay. It is not quite as comfortable as my newer one for me but it is most important that it is comfortable on her. She backed with out raising her head. I wanted to shout. I worked the plastic bag on her without her attached to the rope. I was so proud of her.



  1. I will never get tired of your pictures of horses and your stories about them. Keep them coming. You have done a wonderful job with Sage. It has been interesting to follow along as you have tamed him.

  2. Thank you Mitzi. I love taking the pictures too.