Monday, October 31, 2011


Ditto on the far right and her three sons.
Me winning

Tyler on Rosie. He must have been about 12. I think he is 23 now. And very tall.

Mellow Gold aka Mel

Dustin on Sunny, me leading. I think he was 3 - he is now 28.

Nothing with horses today. Trying to clean house and bake pumpkin bread for Friday. Tomorrow I will make Zucchini bread and maybe get an applesauce cake baked. I need to get the eggs boiled for potato salad too. Also before I can do any of the baking I have to go to the grocery store. Am about out of sugar and am out of flour and a couple of spices. I doubled the pumpkin bread recipe and we have plenty to eat ourselves and plenty for Friday.

Friday is Wayman (our neighbor) memorial service and lunch after here. I have no idea how many to plan on. I will make it though.

We went to friend Mary's place this afternoon to get her smaller lighter horse trailer than ours is. Bob is leaving on Sunday to go to Burns to pick up the 6 month old filly she adopted. He will have a chance to visit with our friend Andi in Burns too. He will probably take her to breakfast on Monday. She lost her husband a little over a year ago. We went, not for the funeral but the next week or so to help her get organized to do things alone. We miss her and we miss her husband.

Tomorrow another photo challenge starts. I love them. They get me out to take pictures of things and think.


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