Friday, May 20, 2011

Auction, Yard Sale Day

We have not had a day like this for a long time. We left home 7:15 this morning for the auction. Not a lot that I wanted to pay much for but we did get 5 chairs. Three metal folding chairs and 2 oak chairs. Not alike. One needs a little repair but will be beautiful when I get them all painted.

We came home had a little lunch and went to look at some pasture for the cows and their babies. Its 20 acres with good fencing and they will water all for free. Bob was so tickled. Now if the last of the calves would arrive, we would be all set.

On the way home from the auction we had stopped at a yard sale and bought a lovely chest of drawers for Bob. It holds way more than his old one which is OLD. It was my step dads. We got some other things too, smaller items. After looking at the pasture, we stopped and picked it up. And then we stopped at another yard sale and bought a beautiful set of wicker arm chairs and a little matching table. Bob will go get them in the morning. Good buys on all of the things. It was a fun day.

When we got home we put Candy and her two children out to pasture. Jazzy ran like a racehorse around and around. Marco made one lap and then just looked at her. Candy was too busy eating grass. We put the horses out to eat. Rosie and Pepper get tied out and Sage just stays close. I put the pasture horses out to eat too. They are all looking good.

I am hang dog tired and my feet are shouting at me so think my day is about over.


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  1. Yay for yard sale success! We are heading out soon to hit some up:)