Saturday, May 28, 2011

Almost on and lots of pictures

The chickens really like watermelon rind. I open the back door and call chicky and they come running.
The view from Sages back. I was laying across her in the saddle but not my whole weight.

Looking frontwards. She was so patient and good. I had the saddle on her.

Chemmy wanted to taste whatever I had in my hand. We gave the donkeys their shots today.

The other day I posted a picture of this baby laying down. When we came by there on Friday the baby was standing by the fence. Such a cute face.

Best Friend Forever

Pokey was still wet and her first time on her feet and Jazzy just had to come and say hello to her cousin. She looks little to me until I looked at this picture.

Woops, couldn't quite get her front feet coordinated with the back ones.

Maybe 5 minutes old.

She ate all the tall grass for me.

Our daughter Coreen's grave. I hope you don't mind looking at these pictures but my family will appreciate them. Things were done so differently then than now. When you lose a baby now they give you remembrances and really take care of you. Then it was shes dead and get used to it. I have nothing from her, they would not allow is to take pictures. She was beautiful. Don't mean to be so down about it after all these years but it really has bothered me today.

Our Scotty's grave. Hardly seems possible that its been eight years.

The flags at the cemetery. They are so beautiful.

Don't know why there is so much space but blame it on blogger. No matter what I do it spaces it that way.


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  1. Lea my heart hurts for your losses. Time doesn't matter to a mother. blessings, marlene