Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trouble With Blogger.

The apple tree is starting to bloom. That is a sure sign of spring. The lilacs will be in bloom by next week.

I have had a terrible time with Blogger. It would not let me in to write my blog. Its kind of been doing its own thing lately but I had to go around in circle until I remembered Nikki put it in a second place on my Favorites list. That let me in. Don't know whats up but it made me pretty irritated.
Most of the cows went to summer pasture this morning. This is Rita. She has been very standoffish as her mother is. We finally caught her and gave her the baby shot. We kept Candy and her two babies here and Annie whose baby is taking its time getting here. When it gets here and has its shots and banding if necessary those will go up too.

Yesterday I took a walk about 1/2 mile from home is all. I always stick a couple of bags in my pockets. I filled both of these with plastic bottle, glass bottles and a few aluminum cans. It is disgusting to me. I will walk the other way today when I go. And take a couple of bags. I just don't understand people throwing their garbage out as they drive along. We who live out here will just have to keep picking it up I guess.

These are so pretty every spring popping up all over the place. Don't know what they are, think I have said that before, but love them and they brighten things up.

Sage having her breakfast. She ties out now so she is happily eating. She just gets more loving and comfortable around different stuff all the time.

This is a sad sad story. I am not telling it to point fingers, just to relate what has happened. A couple bought this house and had some animals. Their daughter had a horse and rode almost every day. She seemed happy. She had a boyfriend that rode with her some days. Mom works. One day Mom and Dad had a fight and Dad moved out and took most of the animals. He left her horse. The divorce itself is not the issue although it appears to have been contentious. One day the police, ambulance and all sorts of people were down there. Daughter had committed suicide because her boyfriend broke up with her. Please, please if you have daughters, teach them, talk to them, whatever you do that boys or men do not make or break your life. They, the girls, are bigger than that, they have power in their lives, they can do without a man. Especially at 16 years old. She was beautiful, she had an entire life in front of her. Who knows what else was on her mind but that is the note she left. Such a permanent solution to a temporary problem in her young life. Mom still lives there and walks her dog every day but have never seen her smile again. She walks like the weight of the world is on her shoulders. It probably is.

Blessings, to her and to all.


  1. Sage is looking beautiful. Sounds like wonderful progress!

    That is very sad about the girl. Very, very sad.

  2. Your neighbor's story is sad. The teen years are so hard and trying to convince a girl, who felt as she said in her note, might not have believed the possibility. Many girls DO put their ability to be happy in a guy's hands and are then devistated when they break up.
    Your pictures are great. I agree about the trash. Our little town gets the trash treatment when tons of people come to raft. Infuriating!