Sunday, May 22, 2011

Its been a busy weekend.

Seth turned 12 on Friday but had a little celebration on Saturday afternoon. He got money from everyone because he is saving for some piece of electronic stuff that I can't remember what was. He is going to go to Middle School this fall and I am sure he will turn out for basketball. He is going to be tall and that, next to drumming is his love. That is his Aunt Debbie sitting beside him and we were all laughing because they were trick candles.

I don't know whose horse this is but that was such a cute baby I just stopped ands took his picture while he was taking an afternoon nap.

Saturday we worked around here and then off to Seth's party. Came home fed and went to our Back Country Horsemen meeting in Hayden, Idaho. I was so bushed when we got home I just collapsed into bed.

We went to church this morning and while we were in town we went to Big R for some salt blocks and chicken feed ect. We just ambled around and looked at things. I could spend a fortune in there.

This afternoon Chrissy, Wendy and Nikki came out to get Bob's old dresser. They were glad to get it and we were glad its gone. Wendy did some things on my computer that needed doing and I didn't know how. Bless her heart. She keeps me straight.

I put Sage out to eat grass but she decided she did not want to stay in the back yard so I went and picked up the rope and took her out by the road to eat. She did not mind the cars, nor the motorcycle but she freaked out at a lady walking. That does not make sense. I have her going in and out of the trailer calmly. That was a big step. We are getting closer to the first step up on her back.

I am having a terrible time with this diet the doctor wants me on for a month. When you do not have a gall bladder all this salad does not work well. I spent 50.00 at the grocery store this afternoon on fruit and veggies for me to eat. Must figure out the protein though. I do not have any energy and I know its not good for me to have 1 hard boiled egg a day. Just am doing the best I can.



  1. hello Lea! I am the lady from Colville. I would love to hear your ideas! Please email me at

  2. Did your Dr give you a specific diet or just a general 'eat this and not that' kind of idea of what to eat? Just wondering.