Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Garden and rain

No pictures because it is hard to take pictures when you are up to your elbows in dirt. I got peppers, cucumbers, and one hill of zucchini planted today. Will finish either this evening later or tomorrow. I would probably finished if the rain had not started falling in torrents. Bob starting peeling the sod so we can get the area ready for our patio. The chickens think he is doing it for them. Its kind of funny.

I did mess with Sage some between showers, or should I say downpours. Am laying over her and she doesn't seem to mind. One of these days I will just bite the bullet and swing my leg over.

We had a real scare this afternoon. Because it was so nasty outside Bob decided to tackle the mess under the kitchen sink. There was 3/4 of a container of Decon there. I went to the living room for a few minutes - actually only 2 or 3 - and found Pistol eating the poison. We called a vet in Airway Heights and they said 1/4 or so cup of Hydrogen Peroxide and come right in. We got her down her with a syringe and it did not make her throw up. The vet put some kind of drops in her eyes and it made her vomit. She had a lot in her stomach. It did make it all come up and everything she had eaten all afternoon. It had not digested at all thank God. Then they flushed her eyes out and the vomiting stopped. The vet gave her a vitamin K shot and we paid them 35.00 and came home. If we had not caught her she would have died an awful death very soon. So remember for a 15 pound or less dog 1/4 cup of peroxide only it did not make her throw up but that's what they said. Scared Bob out of his wits, he loves that little dog.


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  1. Oh Lea I know you were scared to death! I'm so glad it turned out okay. blessings, marlene