Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to the Horses

Here is my Sage. She could care less if she has stuff on her back. Just no big deal. She did not even mind me cinching it up too much. Hip Hip Hooray. I think I could have climbed on but good sense over rode my idea.

Today I ground drove her. She did what I asked. I did try to get the bridle on her but I am not tall enough. Bob will have to help me with that. That and my back has decided to go on strike today.
It was hard to take pictures and accomplish my challenge for today.

She just did not care at all.

Isaac is with us this week and he was watching over then fence.

Isaac riding Shannon's big mule Skeeter. He did so well. Both of them.

Bob working with Emma. He is rubbing her shoulder. I don't think she liked it much but at least she didn't bolt off.

Sunday Stills on Tuesday. No the tree is not growing out of the statues head. LOL. The challenge was a statue. This is from my folders.
A good day. I was so proud of Sage. I also picked up both her front feet as best I could with my back today. I hate it when it gets like this.
Shannon came down with her molly mule that she has for sale for me to take pictures of. She is young but is going to mature into a nice man sized mule. She ponied her down here on Skeeter. If ever I was to want a mule it would have to be like Skeeter. He is great.
If you are part of our mustang club remember the bbq on Thursday. It will be fun.
Back to my Thousand Blessings
231 The smell of salt water
232 Grandchildren visits
233 Fresh Basil
234 They found the little girl that was lost from a campground in NE Washington alive and well after 2 days. She said she was brave.
235 Positive People
236 Shannon
237 40 Days of Love (program coming up at church)
238self sticking stamps
239 Pull and still envelopes
240 Canned air
241 ice cubes
242 Red fingernail polish
243 Ibuprofen
244 Pink toenails
245 sound sleep
246 strong backs
247 ice makers
248 Recipes for new things
Hope I have not repeated myself yet. Bless you all


  1. YAHOO grandma and YAHOO sage!!! that is so awesome!! and Yahoo Isaac!!! lol he looks so tiny on big skitter lol!

  2. Uuuh thats a pretty big mule with my itty bitty Isaac! :) He was so proud when he called me!

  3. I have a feeling that Sage will wind up a pocket pony for some lucky person. She is a wonderful personality. GO, SAGE! Love the mule. How big is he? Or is Isaac that small?

  4. Sage looks great - it's nice how easy-going she's becoming.

  5. Skeeter is 16 hands and Isaac is small. He just turned 6 in July. They had a good time.

    Sage is sweet I do think I could climb on but Bob would have a hissy yet. Things that bother her are nothing to do with being on her.