Friday, August 27, 2010

A Long Day

I spent the day driving to where Nikki and her friend Anita were staying and playing for a few days. I returned Isaac to her. We spent time at the pool and spa. I thought the water was not warm enough in the pool so the hot tub and I enjoyed each other. I believe this is Anita's son Lee. They look so much alike I get confused
I know this is Dru. He turns four soon.

Nikki and Isaac

Anita and Eli. He is about 18 months old. Not too wild about the pool.

And this is Ian. He has gotten so tall since I saw them last.
It was a good day but I am really tired out.
277 Christmas Music
278 Christmas lights
279 Hooded sweatshirts
280 simple directions
281 Horse treats
282 fussy warm socks
283 days with no schedules
284 Bob's job ended today
285 fancy belt buckles
286 riding with a helmet
287 Free Willy
288 Sound Of Music
289 Lady and the Tramp
290 My Fair Lady
Its cooler here today. Blessings


  1. Looks like a beautiful day! Hopefully, the winds were much improved. Farmer

  2. Pat yourself on the back got all the boys names right! It was so fun to see you!