Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A really good day

Sages first time being tied up. She stood there about an hour with us moving around and Bob working with Emma in the round pen. She did not pull back one time. I was so proud of her. I put the saddle pad and the surcingle on her and she just stood there.
She let Bob pick up her foot. He had to try a couple of times but she did so good.

Bob working with Emma. He put the rope on her and then walked up to her and rubbed her neck. He led her around a bit and then rubbed her neck some more. He can not walk up to her with out the rope but that will come.

When Bob finished with Emma I took Sage in and ground drove her some. She just does good. I was glad Bob was there to take a picture.
Tomorrow is our Mustang Club bbq. The weather is supposed to be windy but we will do our best and have fun.
249. Ditto
250. Free Range Chickens
251. My mothers burrito recipe
252. Lack of prejudice
253. Redoing the barn
254. Weed free hay
255. Electronic cleaning wipes
256. Staplers
257. Volume control on anything
258. Off/on switches
259. Polite police officers
That is all for today. Blessings


  1. The mustangs are looking good! Your work is awesome. I love watching the progress. Farmer

  2. Hi --- my first post...I am so in love with Emma! She's beautiful and I can see it in her face that she is trying hard to revise her opinion of humans. Will she be available for sale or adoption one day?