Saturday, August 28, 2010

A chilly day

Emma about to be petted and she let him.

He rubbed clear up her neck to behind her ears and to back to her hip. She won't let him touch her face yet. That will come though.

I just worked a little with Sage in her pen. My back is still sore and that makes it hard. I did rattle the plastic jugs and she did not freak out for the first time so that is progress.

This evening we went into Spokane to the Spokane tribe of Indians Pow Wow.

The symbol of Spokane in the heart of Riverfront Park. The clock tower. It was originally part of the old railroad depot.

The beginning of the grand entry.

The costumes are so awesome.

This lady danced in the Grandmothers Dance. I loved her outfit. It was exquisite.

Girls in the grand entry as part of the Shawl Dancers. It was all beautiful to watch. We didn't stay too awfully long. It got pretty cool down along the river. We were sitting on the grass and it got down right cold. A fun evening.
On with my list.
291 The fires are under control
292 The Red Cross
293 Yard Sales
294 A good well
295 Answered Prayers
Until Tomorrow, blessings

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