Monday, August 23, 2010

Home Again and alot of pictures

There are a bunch of pictures here but I could not pick any less. I took a couple of hundred pictures with 2 cameras. If you read Nikki's blog, Nikki's Life With Boys you will see some of these pictures there. She took my pictures. LOL. Actually she made a copy of both of ours but I happen to have taken a couple of hers. That's OK.
This is Nikki and Lane just after we got to Kayak Point. Its a wonderful place.

Poor Skeeter. He got so tangled up and by the end of the day had shredded his leash several times.
Bob's nieces husband Doug

My sister in law Jackie and an uninvited guest. She had a stroke last year.

Bob's cousin Jim

Lilianna fishing. I don't think she had a hook on.

Tyler and his girlfriend Stephanie

Skylor and I stuttered, he got here twice.




Pistol hitching a ride

Don't know what they built but they had fun.

Not part of our group but had never seen that type board before.

Being entertained






Watching us watching him

Looking for octopus.

Our car got dripped on by a maple tree. Bob hired the girls to wash it. They did a really good job too.
That was our weekend. A good day, good weather, good conversations with family we have not seen for a long time.
Additions to my thousand thankfulness list. Its getting so it takes me thought. I look at Marlene's list and that makes me think of things too.
213. My MP3 player
214 Indoor bathrooms
215 Farmers Markets
216 Horse print fabric
217 Volunteers
218 Wicker Furniture
219 Kayak Point6
220 Bug Spray
221 Meerkats
222 Linda Lael Miller
223 Trail Mix
224 A husband who handles the bills
225 A daughter that can fix my computer from afar
226 Toyota Camrys
227 HGTV
228 Driving Miss Daisy
229 Sleepless in Seattle
230 Lemonade Pie
Blessings to all - tomorrow back to horses. Have some good news with Sage.

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  1. What a beautiful family!