Tuesday, September 25, 2012


This morning I took some sweet pictures of Katie in her late stage of pregnancy.  I can not get any of the others to load for some silly reason.  I guess I just have to keep messing with it to get it figured out.

I worked with Sage some today.  She does not like where I have her.  She wants to be closer to the house.  I should have ridden her but didn't.  She is so pretty.



  1. Katie looks so beautiful! And, she sure looks a lot like you Lea...is she your granddaughter or niece? Hope you're feeling better and the smoke is clearing up some.

  2. Oh, forgot something! You'd asked me the other day about if Harley had any vision or was totally blind...I had told you that I thought he was almost completely blind, maybe saw some shadowing, but nothing in clarity. Well...last night I had a bowl in my hand containing some overly ripe peaches, walked out in the pasture with intentions of giving them to the horses. Harley took one look in my direction, did a quick double-take, and made a beeline in my direction. Little sucker!! Apparently he can see well enough to tell I had a bowl (which means goodies) in my hand!! I guess I really don't know how well he does, or doesn't see!! LOL!! Maybe he has "selective" vision...