Monday, September 24, 2012

This and That

Our sunset tonight.  The sun is so red through the smoke from Central Washington.  The fires are still going strong.

One of the two very wild kittens we found in the loft in the barn.  They appear to be a week or 10 days older than our little ones I have fed.  Feisty little things.  Bob had to hold it at arms length to keep from getting clawed or bitten.

Skeeter giving little Piggy aka Slate a good lick after the little guy had eaten.  I was worried he would hurt them and maybe he would but Bob had a hold of them.

I don't know how to get the picture of the squash to move over.  At least I got the picture here.  This is a sweet meat squash.  Probably it weighs about 20#.  We got two off of lots of vines.

A good day more or less.  This smoke has given me a headache day after day.  If we just could get some rain and wash out the air

Marilyn and Dave's horses are here while they get moved and things under better control for them.  This is a really hard time in their lives.  Wish there was something more we could do.


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  1. That is a cute kitten. Makes me think of the kitties we got from you guys. One of them went to my brother out on Silver Lake and it is spoiled. It turned out gorgeous--like some exotic cat--and the vet thinks it is exotic. The ones we kept all ended up disappearing, but one of them had kitties first and we still have the kittens (and my brother kept one, too--which also lives the life of luxury on Silver Lake.)