Saturday, September 29, 2012

Katies Shower

 Her cake was so cute.  I had seen in on Pinterest and that is where Cindy saw it and got a friend of Cam's sister to make it.  Such a great job.  I has seen it on the Internet and shown Katie several months ago.  Katie is a cake decorator at the bakery at Fairchild AFB and wanted her to see it. 
This quilt was something that made us all cry.  Her Grandmother Jordan had made the Precious Moments crossed stitched quilt squares so her great grand children would have something she made.  When she died several years ago no one wanted the squares (can you believe that) so Katie's mom Judy took them and had a quilt made using six of the squares for Katie to have for Justin.  The two darker green squares have scriptures from Psalms embroidered on it.  It is a beautiful thing.  She probably will never use it but put it away for Justin to have.  I hope she will use it to bring him home from the hospital before she puts it away.

It was a good day for her and for all of us.  Cindy, her MIL decorated and had a beautiful lunch for us all.  She is a very nice lady.

Bob was off turkey hunting when I got home so I did all the chores.  Sage and Ditto were standing there telling me not to forget them.  Maybe I will ride tomorrow.  Who knows.  Raspberry is so funny when I put her in.  She always goes straight to the chicken house to snatch chicken feed before I get a hold of her and drag her out. 

Have a great Sunday,

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  1. What a wonderful quilt!

    Thanks for all the info on the upcoming mustang club stuff. I can't wait to be there.