Friday, September 21, 2012

Pictures from the other day

Finally got the pictures I wanted the other day. 

The apples are not quite ready to eat.  I tried one today, a little too sour yet.  I like them a little on the sour side but this was a little too cheek puckering for me.

Don't you love my baby horse.  We will move it out by the maple tree in the front yard.  I will get some paint and repaint him black and white when I get to Walmart the next time.  He looks like an authentic baby foal. 

It is good to have Bob home.  I will sort through his pictures when he gets the card back from the other Bob.  It is in his laptop.  I had a chuckle when I went to get it from my camera and there was no card there.  Just the blank card shaped thingy that goes into the card reader on his laptop. 

We lost the little white spotted kitten this morning.  I knew it wasn't good last night.  Feel bad, that was my favorite.  The other two are real characters.  Both are active and eat good. We are going to start to try to get them to drink from a little dish.  They are old enough.  I hated losing one but if we hadn't intervened all 5 would have been lost.

Nothing else exciting going on here.  Just life on the farm with us and all the critters.


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  1. That's so sad to lose your favorite kitten. I know you tried your best. I've had those times, too, when intervention didn't save all of the little ones. The ones left make up for the effort. Hugs!