Friday, September 23, 2011


My Daddy in his younger years. Even though he has been gone since I was 17 I still miss him.

My sister Sharon, My Aunt Eleanor and me a few years ago. She has been gone a while. She was my fathers youngest sister and only 12 years older than me.

Lime Kiln lighthouse in the San Juan Islands. We saw lots of Orcas that day.

Tracey's daughter Katie riding Yuma

Another of Seattle's offspring. Isn't he pretty.

On the roof of our barn.

A day on Sage. Didn't get to ride today but loved on her.

An old school house west of Wilbur on Highway 2.

Teaching Pistol to sit. She is not that size any more.

Target, a mustang mare we started a few years ago.

My hand is not going to get better until a hand surgeon fixes it. Its so hard to get in to see anyone like that.

Get to work tomorrow at a horse show but its just about 5 miles from home and its just one day. It is supposed to be over 90 though.



  1. are you sure that picture of pistol isnt when i threw her in the pool this summer? cuz i am wearing my work boots and pants, and pistol is all wet lol

  2. Love your old photos, Lea. Passed that old schoolhouse ourselves many times. Wilbur is our food stop on the way over Hwy 2 to see our kids in Gold Bar. Does your hand have carpal tunnel? Had a friend who needed surgery because that was her problem.

  3. Maybe Katie. No Cindy it is not Carpal Tunnel. That would be too easy. It is Dupytrions Disorder. The tendons are pulling m fingers down so I can not straighten my hand out. It will be like a fist all the time if they don't do something. I had one finger done about 10 years ago but now its 3 and what they did has undone itself. It is a genetic disorder.

  4. Oh Leah, so sorry about your hand. Blast those bad genes! If surgery can help, I wish you the best. Its nice we live in an era that CAN do something for some of the maladies, that in our Grandparents time, would NOT have even known cause of the problem or how to fix it. Hugs!