Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mostly more oldies

I do so hope you are tiring of past pictures. This is our son Tom while we were building our barn. Heights don't both him, scared me.

My beautiful Mt. Rainer.

Horses coming out of the trailer at the Odessa adoption.

Tracey's horse Sandy that she did a Mustang Makeover on.

Yes, that is a bobcat. He was very sweet and purred loud. Her loved to be love on. This was in Lewiston at a Back Country Horsemen thingy.

We were the first to get off the Keystone ferry.

1957 Our engagement

One of Bob's trips in to the Bob Marshall.

My beloved Ditto

On our living room wall

Two weeks after I had my stroke.

Rose on another of Bobs trips

From the top of Mt. Spokane

The Sandpoint Draft Horse Show. Its this weekend and won't get to go.

Had a good ride on Sage today. Worked her a long time on a lounge line doing different things. Mostly in the arena. Then took her into the round pen and rode her. Used some of Andrea's suggestions and had my first real free walk ride. Next week it will be to the arena. She is flexing nicely. Katie's saddle pad is working wonderful. Will go to Will Rogers tomorrow and see what he has.



  1. Yay! I'm so glad you had a good ride! You'll have to talk someone into taking pictures for the blog. And I'm glad you're getting your saddle issues worked out. That can be so frustrating!

  2. Lea,

    I love it when you share a lot of pictures... They are such great fun to view and always so beautiful...

    Glad you had a good ride today.

    How is the hand?