Monday, September 26, 2011

A Giant

This big boy surprised us this morning. We check the garden often and some how we have missed it. I don't think I have seen one any larger.

I made a Mexican Lasagna for supper. I found the recipe in a Western Horsemen magazine. It was sure good. I hope its as good warmed up because we just made a dent in it. It says to put sour cream and salsa on it and I like sour cream and salsa but it was so good without anything on it that I did not try it with any.

This is house day. Just put Sage in and out. She was not so good about coming in. If we miss a day bringing her in to her pen during the day she is ornery the next day. I want her brought in every day, not just when I am working her. I hope I can ride tomorrow.


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