Monday, June 16, 2008

A beautiful day in my neighborhood

Another great day working Sierra. She lunges well at a walk. We are working on a trot. She does a whoa really good. She walks over the poles and around the barrels. We are still working on backing the L well. She yields her hind quarters and steps over quite nicely for 3/4 steps. We got 2 steps each way turning on the haunches. All things to hone. I did spray her with fly spray and she just stood there. Pepper still goes ballistic when he even sees the spray bottle and to see her stand there is a really good thing. I am going to dig around in our blankets on Sunday and see if we have a light weight sheet to practice wearing. I don't know if we do. Am trying to remember what I put on Rosie when I was showing her. I know the winter blanket but its MUCH too warm for that. We have a bunch of blankets/sheets.

Last night I was in the yard holding Sierra while she munched on grass talking to our neighbor Shannon and we heard a noise. I looked up and the horse we have here in training, Paddy, was opening and closing the mailbox that is part of our trail set up in the arena. He is shut into the arena. He was so funny. He opened and closed it several times. He is the horse that bucked Bob off the first week of June.

I am leaving in the morning again to work a horse show in Milton Freewater, Oregon. Its only a one day show though and I will be home Saturday evening.

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  1. I had the wrong link posted! Now I can leave a comment! Good job! Can't wait to see you both again in a couple months!