Monday, June 16, 2008

Another good day

I am so grateful for the nice weather we are having. I gave Sierra another rinse off bath and she did not mind it today. In fact she kept drinking from the hose. She does the trail things just fine too. I was so proud of her backing a figure eight around the big blue barrels. We worked some more on lunging too. She did that well also. We need to work on trotting now on the lunge line and trotting along with me on the lead rope. We made a 5 panel pen on good grass and put her out there for 3/4 hrs. this afternoon. She thought she was in heaven.

Bob is looking at another horse. He should have brought her home from Pasco. She is a 3 year old dun filly. I am wondering what he will decide to do. He thinks she is a 3 strikes horse and Tracey thinks she is not. If she isn't I know he will wait. Tracey asked me if she was a 3 strikes so I am assuming she thinks not. Anyway I e mailed Ramona and asked for sure.

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