Saturday, June 21, 2008

A long day

I worked at a horse show in Milton Freewater, Oregon all day and then drove home. It was a nice laid back show. The weather was good. Kind of hot and muggy at times but have been there at their shows when it was over 100 so today was good. It rained about 100 drops once and it felt really good.

I did not really do anything with Sierra today. I just went down and talked to her in her stall for a while. Petted her all over and picked up her feet. I hugged her around the neck and she just hugged me back. It made me cry. It is not going to be easy to let her go after this is over.

Tomorrow I will get back to working with her and adding something. I think it will be trotting with me. So far all we are doing is walking. I tried a little one day last week but not really working at it. She picks up things sooooo fast.

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  1. Muggy on this side of the Cascades as well, Lea. Hope you're making lots of money at these horse shows!