Saturday, August 10, 2013


2 months  3 days

He is a little character.  He does not like to be told what to do when he is on the lead rope.  He gave me a drag around this afternoon.  I finally got him anchored so I could handle him. 

I guess we had an awful storm last night.  It woke Bob up but for a change, I slept through it.  I hate thunder and lightening so I am grateful to have slept.

Nothing about Sage today.  Patience Lea, patience.

I am so tired I could drop this evening.  I cleaned our bedroom top to bottom today and put a bunch of things out in a bag for the yard sale.  And, I through out a bunch of stuff too.  Have been meaning to do it since I got home but today was the day. 

Blessings to you all,



  1. Chico is so big already! He's so cute. Sorry he gave you a workout. :)

    When is your yard sale? Any good horse or donkey stuff?

  2. I don't know exactly Andrea. When we get stuff all together. Have not attacked the barn or tack room yet. Maybe tomorrow. Lots of stuff though/

  3. What a doll! Lea I'm so glad you enjoyed your trip - Jerry and I are thinking about taking that cruise next summer. blessings, marlene

  4. You would love it Marlene. Do it on Norwegian, I could not recomment them high enough, and go the inland passage way to Ketchican first. Take something warm for the Glacier Bay visit. ITS COLD>