Friday, August 16, 2013

Bob and his sidekick Pistol taking a break from unloading hay.  She is never far from his heels.  Its been too hot for him to be taking her with her and she is getting a little put out.  She is a good dog. 

If you read my Face Book page you read there we had a collision last night with a big buck deer.  Sort of squished the front quarter panel clear back to the passenger door.  We could not find him but I am sure he could not have lived through it.  It made me very sad for the deer but scared the bejeebers out of me.  The air bags did not go off or we would have been in a pickle.  It goes in Monday and thank goodness for good insurance.

I got stung for the fourth time this summer today.  My hand is all swollen.  I am pretty tired of playing dodge and dart with the bees.  They got my last picking of raspberries.  They are really ornery this year.

I got my blood work results from the doctor today.  All is very well.  Just wish I had more energy. 

I have not heard about Sage for a few days.  I get so anxious when I let myself worry about her.  I know she is doing well.




  1. It really has been too hot lately! We had a patient (dog) die from running in the field after his master's combine. Got way too hot. Very sad for that family.

    The bees are awful here too. Hope we get a good cold snap this winter to kill some of them off. Although in February when I'm draining water hoses I'll wish I hadn't said that. :)

    Glad your bloodwork was good! I've been having some testing done too, trying to figure out my lack of energy and sick feeling lately. So far I look healthy on paper! Sure don't feel healthy though.

    I'd love to have a detailed update on Sage! I'm sure they're super busy training though. I remember when Tonka went to training it was really hard to wait until the next time I went to see him and get an update.

    I just remembered those rope snaps I was supposed to make for you. I got them about half done and then forgot. Sorry! I'll work on them this weekend.

  2. I hope you get an update soon. Maybe go with the saying, No news is good news!

  3. Lovely fotos, have a nice summer sunday. Greeting from Belgium and two golden retriever

  4. Thank you. You are the first one to respond from Belgium. Welcome.