Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sticking to one picture tonight again.  These are Stellar Seals out of Juneau.  They were very funny.  The kept trying to push the one off.  They were swimming around there too. 

Had a good day here too.  I heard from Suzanne and Sage settled in good.  That was good news.  And we had to separate the steers from the heifers that we didn't want to breed this year because we were bring the bull home.  I was watching them, stepped over a mole hill dirt pile and plup right into the middle of a very fresh cow poop.  I was hopping around going ick ick, it was over the top of my shoe and Bob and our son Tom were practically laughing until they cried.  We got them separated and I went directly to the shower.  Ick Ick is right.

I had Just for a couple of hours or so today.  When he gets into some thing and you tell him no, he grins a great big grin and waves to you.  I had to laugh.  He is almost standing up by himself in the middle of the floor.  Not 10 months old yet.  Wish I had taken a picture of him.  He is my sweet boy. 

I picked raspberries again.  Got an ice cream bucket, the ones with the handle heaping full.  I am going to make another batch of jam this evening.  I want to freeze some too.

Blessings to you all,


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