Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The ocean from our little balcony on the cruise ship Norwegian Jewel.  It really was a jewel.  I had more pictures to add this evening but they would not load.  We had a wonderful time.  They treat you really REALLY well.  We had a nice room, small but not as small as some of the others.  The food was great,  I was afraid I had gained 20 pounds but it was really only 1. 

I was glad to be home and to my own bed.  I have not caught Sage yet.  Just too hot.  It was 102 when we got home Sunday, 97 yesterday and 98 today.  I mostly stayed in my cool house.  Only when I had to deliver eggs and then it was in my cool car. 

Last night we changed the halter on Chico.  He stomped on the arch of my right foot during the battle.  Bob also trimmed his feet.  They needed it bad.  He wasn't so good then either.  We got it though.  I will try to get some more pictures of him soon.  My cameras are full of cruise pictures. 

You may get bored hearing about the cruise but it is bubbling over.  We saw Orca Whales and Humpback Whales, seals, eagles and three large glaciers.  I need to look up what makes up a glacier as opposed to just snow in the valleys.  I will try to get pictures of Sawyer glacier which is the one the ends at the water.  There were a lot of small icebergs floating.  It was cold that day and the wind blew hard.

We started out from Seattle and our first stop was Ketchican.  We had a good day shopping and looking around.  We took an excursion and went through a rain forest trail.  they said we would see bears but we only saw bear poop, bear foot prints and trails through the grass but no bears.  Lots of eagles though and they are so beautiful and regal. 

So anyway, I will get back to the horses soon.  I am glad to be home.



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