Wednesday, July 24, 2013

 Our very pretty daughter Nikki.  She is lovely.  And so sweet to take care of her auntie during our cruise.  She didn't need to take care of me but she would have.
My sister and I sitting on a seat just outside of the Internet cafe' aboard the ship.  We did not use it.  At 75 cents a minute it would be pretty spendy.  I did not see anyone use it.  We had been shopping though.  Stuff was more reasonable than I thought it would be - tax an duty free.  I bought myself a couple sweatshirts.  One heavy and one  quite light weight. 

I had a little go round with Sage today.  The horses came up to drink, she began picking  on Rusty and would not let her to the water.  She was really nasty.  I was watering down the pigs and I yelled at her and told her I would squirt her if she did not quit, so I did.  She did not like it at all but Rusty got her drink.

My foot is still all black and blue where the naughty mule baby got me.  The swelling is about gone.   The little stinker.

Tomorrow is our Mustang Club meeting.  I will be glad to see them all. 



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  1. I'll miss coming to the meeting, again. Darn it. Maybe I you guys plan some rides I'll be able to come to one.