Friday, February 1, 2013

My little WSU Cougar.  Just had to take his picture in the outfit.  He was really good today. 
We have some banty chickens.  These eggs are just a little larger than a quail egg.  Love my little itty bitty chickens.  I have too many roosters though. 
I found this quilt block on someones blog that I read.  I got an inspiration to do a similar one only with horses - horse prints and matching fabrics.  I want to show it to my quilting friend Vicki and show her.  I have my first quilt ready to start the crocheted edge on it.  Then I will show it to everyone.  I have already started a few blocks for the next one.  It will be rose pink and white.   

Katie's horse Abby got a good report from the vet today.  The swelling is way down, this was the last day of Banamine.  She is still very sore clear up into her back.  It will take a while for all the muscles will be back in shape.  She is a very lucky horse.

Our Mustang and Burro Club met last night and made some big plans.  Now if the BLM brings the adoption to Spokane like we have been talking to them about, we are going to be ready.  Still plenty of time for some more planning to fine tune all the plans we made.  Not only to help the BLM and promote the mustang horses and to show off our own. 

It is getting closer to the weather being suitable for riding.  It is just to icy now.  I would not want Sage to slip on the ice and hurt herself. 

Today Bob and I had to pen up one of our oldest cows.  I feel bad.  She is due to calf in about a month and she is very lame.  She can't put her one hind foot down.  We put her in a pen with good shelter and we can feed her without her having to walk and compete with the other cows. 

Hello February, glad to see you.



  1. I'm so glad Abby is doing okay! Did the vet say whether massage would help with her pulled muscles? I bet Katie could find a book or video and do it herself instead of paying someone to come out.

    I'm envious of your quilting. I wish I could do that. Someday I will give it a try.

    I can't wait to hear back about the adoption. I'm probably more excited about it than I should be, considering it might not happen...

    I hope your cow feels better! Poor thing. I'm glad she can take it easy. We have a neighbor cow who is doing pretty poorly, she just lays in her hay and eats, all by herself.

  2. Glad to hear your friend's horse is going to get better. Poor thing. And sorry to hear about your old cow. Poor baby, carrying extra weight and being lame would be exhausting. Sure hope she gets better fast, hopefully before her calf comes. Baby calves can be rough on their mommas! Sounds like you had a good day Lea. And that baby is growing so fast! Just amazes me! Oh, and I rode Eagle night before last. Short and sweet. He was very quiet and calm. :)