Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Katie and us had a real scare today.  Bob went over to feed our steers and found Abby down with her hind leg in the fence.  She had laid there and struggled quite a while.  The ground under her was thawed and wet.  Bob called Katie and she came right out.  They got the wire off her leg.  She was trembling and Bob could not get her up.  Katie walked over to get her halter and Abby struggled to her feet.  Bob called me to come sit with Justin and he came and grabbed the first two blankets out of our blanket trunk.  They put the cooler on and then the blanket over it.  She would not put that back leg down but they got her to the stall.  She pooped and peed.  They gave her a tube of electrolytes and a dose of bute.  Neither of us had any banamine.

She called a vet and she came out shortly.  Her left leg has some cuts but not bad.  She pulled muscles in her leg,  hip and clear up into her back.  The vet gave her banamine and they shut her into the stall.Two weeks of stall rest and the vet will come check on her Friday.  It was so scary. 

I would rather have been out helping because I could not see what they were doing and she was Katie's horse so Justin and I had a good visit.

Other than that, just a normal day.  I was supposed to hear from the fair grounds about the adoption today but they did not call.  I will call them in the morning if I don't hear.

Take care, remember Abby in your prayers.



  1. So sorry for Katie and Abby. I know how scary that is. I hope she makes a full recovery!

    I wish I could come up to the meeting today, but I'll still be at work when you get started, so definitely no time to drive up. I've already arranged to have the 7th of June off and I will do everything in my power to have the 8th off - still waiting to hear from the person I asked to cover for me. So count me in. I don't know what you're planning but I'd love to gentle a horse beforehand for the adoption (if I don't have to pick it up in Burns), or whatever else you need me to do. I may be looking to adopt there - ask them to bring me a couple stocky bay or buckskin geldings to choose from. :) Just kidding, I know you probably can't make requests like that.

    Really wish I could be there today, but I guess we'll have to communicate through phone or email.

    1. Its tomorrow Andrea if that makes a difference. We sure do miss you. Abby seems better this morning.

  2. Poor baby!! She must have been down for a good while if the ground was melted. Oh, I hate to think of animals being caught in wires and struggling, just makes me sick. But it sounds like Bob got to her in time, and heaven knows it could have been so much worse. Those pulled muscles will take a good, long time to recover, but they should heal. I'm so glad it wasn't worse. But my heart still feels for the trauma she's endured. Take care Lea.

  3. Poor Abby. She must have been so frightened. I'm glad she got care in time. It's so hard when our animals need help - if only they could talk to us about it!