Wednesday, February 6, 2013

These baby goats were all born the same day.  Shannan does not leave them with their mama's but milks them and for the first 48 hrs she gives them a bottle.
I went down one evening and helped her.  These 5 were my responsibility to get fed.  The yellow spots  tell Shannon what day they were born.  After 48 hrs. she puts them on a lamb bar.  You hold them on your lap kind of like a baby person and give them their bottle.  Only not on their backs.
This morning I looked out and Bob had Sage leading her around things in the back yard.  She thought that big spool was going to jump out and eat her.  She got better.  I am so grateful he is taking time to work with her for me. 

I have been fighting a sore throat for a couple of days.  I am relatively sure it is sinus related.  If it doesn't go away by Friday I will have to call the doctor.

Tomorrow is our quilting group.  I am putting the last of the crocheted edge on my first quilt.  I would be done if I had not taken it out.  I started with white crotchet thread but that did not look good.  So I dug around and found a spool of pink thread.  That is looking great. 

Bob is leaving in the morning to deliver 200 pounds of hamburger to a friend who bought it.  He is also taking a surprise gift for out youngest daughter from her oldest brother.  I wish I could be there to see the look on her face.  She has no idea.

We had sun today.  I wanted to get out and do something.  Its still icy in most places though and I really don't want to fall.

Have a wonderful Thursday,



  1. What a nice thing to do! Bet she loves getting it too! Sure wish you'd kick that sick bug good-bye, and get to feeling better. We're getting a little more daylight each day and before you know it, spring will be here. Then you can spend time with Sage! It's so wonderful that Bob works with her while you're not able to. That's a blessing for sure. Take care Lea, and thank you!! I can't wait to ride Eagle again, hoping to this weekend. :) I love that horse!! But my Ladde is positively green with envy. I need to get to riding him too.