Monday, January 14, 2013

My baby horse in the snow in the front yard.  He was adorned with Christmas lights and I need to go bring them in.  He looks cold.  If I had a foal blanket I would put it on him.

Over a month ago when I put Sage out in the morning I gave her a treat.  Bob usually puts her out and he got after me for it because she expected him to give her one.  And he did not want her mugging him every morning.  Well I didn't give her any more and she quit mugging him for a treat.  BUT this morning I put them out and she just about pulled my coat off me pulling on the pocket and lipping my hand.  My coat had never had treats in the pocket.  She has quite a memory to remember that it was a month ago or more and it was me.  I had to keep getting after her and I hated it when it had been so long since I had gotten to handle her at all.

I apparently have not solved all my picture loading problems because I could only get one to load.  They were scenery pictures.  One of Mt. Rainer  when I went to Ellensburg last Saturday and one of our loved winter sunsets.  Oh well, I got one to load easily.  That was better than it has been.  

I ran errands today.  I had to have the oil changed in my car.  It is so aggravating that they always want to do any number of things besides what I asked them to do.  Then I went to the quilting store for thread and needles.  I lose needles right and left.  #9 sharps must be used by a lot of quilters because I got the last 2 packages.  I have thread somewhere but no doubt Tazzy used it for a toy and it is under something. 

Thank you Lori for the recipe.  I don't have any self rising flour.  I wonder if non alcoholic beer will work because that is what I have.  I can buy some but have that.  It sounds so easy I surely want to try it.  For every one else it is a recipe for Beer Bread.

Take care .

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  1. Glad you got at least one pic to load...
    I made that bread, it is super easy and very good. I used a bottle of wheat ale because that is what I had. All you can do is try it, see if it turns out. If you don't have self-rising, I guess you'll have to add some baking powder. I'm an experimenter, so I'd give it a go and see how it turns out. It is super simple and tasty, that's why I like it.
    Hope you're feeling better. I kind of feel sorry for Sage. :( She just wants her treat, but I know how annoying that can be at times. Harley will full out molest a person if he thinks you've got a treat.