Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tinkerbelle is Visiting

Our Tinkerbell on her first horse back ride. I would not ordinarily let someone ride with what she was wearing but 5 minutes on Rosie with us hanging on was OK. She had never done that before and she was a little apprehensive but she did good.
That smiley face - just want to kiss her cheeks.

Into the pool off the fence. She is a fish.

My Sloggers that Chrissy got me just because. I love them. Won't I make a statement slogging around in the mud and water this fall. Love them.

Bob worked all day off and on today getting ready for our pack trip. Its a good think he knows what he is doing.

Thank you so much Lori from C ing Spots Appaloosas for purchasing the rug. You are a sweet friend even though I have never met you. She has a mustang named Eagle that she is about to get on for the first time. Wish I was there to take a picture. Thanks Lori.

So my day was mostly spent entertaining our great granddaughter. It is so fun to have her once in a while. Thank you Mama for sharing her with us.



  1. Your little Tinkerbell is so adorable! And that pool looks really inviting.

  2. Oh thank you Lea!! Let me know your address and how much including to ship/mail it and I'll send you a check on the 31st...I love it!! Your info on flooring is helpful, as I know next to nothing. I love the wide plank style too, and am hoping to get a medium dark color, maybe like a walnut stain. We'll just have to see what we can afford. Wow, 8 days in the wilderness is a long trip, but I bet you enjoy it. Sounds like fun to me! No, haven't ridden Eags yet. Been working with him regularly though, and I think he's ready. Just don't know about me. I want to be brave for his sake, and I get so nervous anymore. Maybe I need to take a muscle relaxer and have a glass of wine first... the gal I've been working with has been helpful and does amazing things with him, but she's not so good with me. According to her, I can't do anything right, I don't put my saddle on right, don't cinch the horse right, don't lead the horse right...building my confidence? Not really. I have a sick feeling when she leaves and feel worse than before. Plus, she doesn't ride anybody else's horse, I pay her $40 an hour to work with me and Eagle, and I think she's too afraid to get on him either. We'll get there though, I have every confidence in this horse. He's amazing!! And, I pray. :)
    Have fun, and be safe...will keep you all in my prayers.