Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hard Work

A long day but much accomplished. We had a big thunder boomer storm last night and lots of rain. Marilyn came this morning for our pre trip work out. WELL........it was raining and Sage was full of it. I saddled her and started out in preparation to riding NOT. She bucked, kicked up her heels and all in all said "I am not doing it." Well with Marilyn's less than 74 yrs of energy got her doing it. She ended up doing it of course. But, I did not ride. It was pouring rain and Sage was not ready. Soooooooooooo I worked her after lunch and the sun had come out. She was much better. Then Bob put fly spray on her with the spray bottle and she has not forgiven him yet. The workout was better however. So after we had dinner, I went and worked her again. She was very cooperative and did all I asked of her UNTIL Bob came in to clean our her feet. She freaked out when he came near her. So that was a battle with her doing her usual when stressed on the rope - straight up and running back. So he had to work with her until she would let him pick up her feet and let him pet her. Then she started looking in his pockets for treats like he gave her early in the day. Fly spray terrified her and she has not forgiven him yet.

She will forgive him, she did Marilyn when she really got after her. She even likes Marilyn now. BUT she is mine. If Marilyn is fixing something, I have to leave the round pen because she looks to me or comes to me. I like that but I don't want her mad at Bob. She looked really scared of him.

We sure could use the rain this morning. Everything perked up but we did not need the lightening. It started several fires but I think they got them all under control or out. I am always nervous during fire season. We have a large hay field across the road and there is wheat fields all around that. Houses in some places. We keep lots of green space around the house and the pasture is watered as we can but its pretty dry.

We are about ready to leave on Thursday. Had to make 4 days of food, freeze and get ready to pack in dry ice in the ice chest pack. We had not done it this way before. Bernie and Sherrie cook in camp, Angelo and Joyce take meals all cooked, just thaw out and eat. We will see which works best. I baked pumpkin bread, zucchini bread, made spaghetti (enough for an army as usual and froze what was extra) and a meat loaf. And we will have steak one evening. It all sounds good. I am a little worried about sleeping on a little cot in a tent 7 nights.

Blessings to you all,


  1. Wow, busy busy! I thought we might get rain yesterday but it just stayed cloudy. Haven't been toooo worried about lightening strikes but ya never know. Sounds like Sage has her 'bad hair days' LOL. Hope you have a fantastic camping trip. Certainly will have some good food going with ya! Hugs!

  2. Sounds like a lot going on.
    I'm going to throw something out here, and it may apply and it may not. I have one horse who has those "bad days". It can be very annoying. He is not afriad of fly spray except on those days when he is. He has no problem with his feet except on those days when he does. Just about the time I say, wow he is really coming along, he goes crazy on me. My trainer showed me a trick, and it works on all my horses. I stand next to them and make them move sideways away from me. I force them to cross their legs and we do this for no less than 50 feet then we turn around and go back from the other side. It is physically challenging, although not impossible by any means, but more it is mental. They tend to try to back up but I stop them and if they try to shoot past me I stop them. I put my hands up and use my energy to push them. Sometimes a small push on the neck with the flat of my hand or a tap on the belly with my training stick. We do it fast so they only have time to think about that. When we are done the rest quietly with me, and they realise that resting with me is much better than stepping sideways. You should see the way they are licking and chewing by time they are done. After that, fly spray is nothing, and neither is anything else. I don't know if this will help with Sage or not. But thought I would throw it out there anyway. So please take it for what it is worth.
    Good luck

  3. I'd be a little worried about sleeping on a cot too. But I still think you're so lucky to get to go!

    I'm glad Sage has you and Marilyn dedicated to her training. She's such a great horse. So I take it she's going on your trip with you? That's going to be a great learning experience for her!

  4. There's always so much work in preparation for a trip like that. Your food sounds wonderful. I will pray that you have a safe and relaxing trip, and hope you have fun. Sage trusts you, and I think this will be a great experience for you both. Just remember, if she gets worried, get her feet moving, moving, moving. Take care and God Bless Lea!!