Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This and That

This what Sage and I worked on this morning. She would walk up to the tarp but had a hard time walking through it.
She peeked at me through it.

She went through and then stood and looked at it. I was very proud of her. We had to leave to do errands so I put her back in her pasture.

While we were out we went to Big R for several things and I got fly masks for Ditto, Pepper and her. Ditto let me put hers on but Sage did not appreciate it. I got it on her though and I know she will be grateful for it. Part of the reason I have trouble with the things about her head is she is so big. And when she is nervous she forgets she knows "head down".

Then we went to an elderly friend's house and Bob did some plumbing for her. She is like family.

It was so beautiful today. I planted my onion starts. Think I should have waited though because we are predicted for some cold nights. I would like my garden in before we leave but don't know if that will happen.

I was so concerned about Raspberry and being gone that long. Her baby(s) are due in about 3 or 4 weeks. She is as wide as she is tall. Shannon told me to bring her down and she can stay there. Probably until after she gives birth. Then she will come home. Without the baby(s). They are Shannon's.


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  1. You are an inspiration for me!! But, I totally understand when you say "you know things like one rein stop, heels down, relax etc". Your head and your experience knows these things, but when our fears get the better of us, well then, nothing seems to help. I can really freeze up when I get scared...not good. So, I start singing. That helps me a lot. Gets me to breathing, which relaxes me and gets my focus off of being afraid, plus it helps to relax the horse. And you know, if we're relaxed, they relax. Bless you Lea for you are a very brave and determined woman. I want to be just like that. :) Eagle's a jumper too! But, you're right about his eyes - they're very, very soft, and he's got such a kind heart. I can't help but love him.