Thursday, May 10, 2012


If you don't ready my Face book you don't know that yesterday my sweet, gentle, loving Sage bucked me off. I mean she BUCKED, like a rodeo horse. I made it for two jumps, maybe 3 second and went sailing off and landed on my upper back. Thank God I had my helmet on. I always ride with it. Now it has a big dent in it. My most hurting place was my upper chest where I hit the horn on my saddle. It is not turning color yet, but it may. The other place is between my shoulder blades and my right thumb. It is really puffed up.

Today I am much better but sore. Alieve is helping a lot. My thumb is turning color this evening. Bob put Icy Hot on my back and I am going to take a hot soaky bath pretty soon.Places are sore that I don't know why, like my nose. That makes me chuckle.

We took Rosie up to Deer Park to visit a male donkey for a couple of weeks. I want a small spotted mule. I will sell it but just want one. She was chasing him around the pen when we left. He is about the same size as she is.She chasing him made us laugh - Bob and Vikki were really laughing.

We found out Emma's name is Cocoa. She will still be Emma to us.

Please remember my grand nephew and his wife in your prayers. She went in the hospital to have their baby boy last night late and Caden has not arrived yet.

Marilyn is coming tomorrow afternoon to work with Sage and to ride her. She and Bob made me promise not to get on her today. Marilyn was here yesterday when Sage dumped me. It scared her I know and Bob was scared and I knew I was not hurt too bad. At first I thought I was dead, if you have ever been bucked off and flying through the air all kinds of things go rapidly through your head.

I don't know why she did it, that is what worries me. I think something bugged her like something under her saddle pad but it should not have happened what ever. Anyway, I am living and plan to do that for a while.



  1. What a scary thing but I'm glad to hear you are feeling better than yesterday. I cannot imagine getting up on a horse, let alone getting bucked off like you were. I've only ever been on a horse twice in my life. Your Facebook friends had made mention of similar things with their horses, too. Crazy! Wonder what its all about.

  2. Oh boy Lea...soooo glad to hear you're ok. I have never ridden with a helmet, but after reading.."it now has a dent in it"; maybe I'll reconsider. If nothing else but when I ride Eagle. I sure hope you can figure out why she bucked. You know that she had a reason, but without knowing why, that's the kind of stuff that plays head games with a person. I hate that this happened to you, it surely takes longer to heal than it used to, but you're one tough lady that's for sure!! Once again, I'm a fan of your gumption - that's what will keep you active and young...however, please proceed with caution and let your younger friend ride her and challenge her for a little while. Were you in the roundpen or outside?? Was it windy? Bee? I hope you can figure it out. Blessings Miss Buckaroo :)

  3. Glad you're okay, Lea, and I'm glad you have someone coming over to work with her. It can happen to us on any of our horses, but much more likely in the first few rides on a green one. Sounds like the helmet was a lifesaver. You're a brave woman!

  4. Wow! I am so glad you are ok! Darn that Sage. Just when you think you know him through and through-he does this to you. Please proceed with caution. ( I still love that horse)

  5. I am so glad you were not seriously hurt. At our age, we no longer bounce! Hope it was just a freak thing and she does not take this up as a hobby.