Monday, May 7, 2012

Q is for..................

Beautiful Emma. For once I can say Bob has made headway with her. She will eat out of anyone who hands her something good. She loves carrots, green grass or horse cookies.
Red Hawks courting in the air above the house. We watched them quite a while.


She is not doing well. She is very thin, and does not eat much. I am going to have to make a decision one of these days and I can not think about it. She is my old friend.

Q is for QUICK to defend what I think is right. Sometimes it gets me into difficulty but I can't help it. If I believe something is right, I will stand up for it.

I rode Sage for about an hour. She was better than yesterday but she was not bad yesterday. I love that horse so much. I just wish I was more brave about some things. She would never deliberately hurt me. I know all the stuff Marilyn tells me, stuff I tell students when I am giving a lesson - heels down. relax my back, one rein stop and yet I can't seem to remember them all. I did better today. I almost was in tears yesterday, I get embarrassed that I get stiff and that makes it all worse. Part of it, I have never been afraid and I get nervous when she jumps. I guess its my age and I will do it. We are not going to get to go into the Bob Marshall but I want to ride her up a mountain, that's on top of my bucket list.


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