Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bloomsday Sunday

Our 3 beautiful grandchildren, their mom is Christyn. Jade is in green, Skylor is in the middle and Nikki is on the other side. I love Sky's hair. He wants it long enough to braid. Jade is 14, Sky 16 and Nikki 18. How the years go by. The girls rode the horse today but Sky preferred not to.
Today was Bloomsday Run (race). This was the first place wheelchair contestant. He was a long way in front.

More coming

The elite men runners. They were mostly from Ethiopia or Kenya. Long tall guys. I did not get a decent picture of the women elite runners. They mostly are the same ethenticity.

The good runners group

Up the little hill, getting close to the walkers.

It wasn't too hot this morning and that helped.

Watching for someone special.

I went just to watch a little and to take some pictures. Watched a bit and came home.

Marilyn came and helped me with Sage. I get so tense when she jumps and Marilyn helped me with that. No pictures though. Later the kids got Raven out. They were going to ride Pepper but he has a nasty cut on his face. Missed his eye but not by far.

P is for Positive. I think I am most of the time or I would not tackle some of the things I try.

Yesterday we went to a big farm auction but the people with money came too. I didn't buy anything.


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