Saturday, March 3, 2012

Welcome Home Ezra

A week ago yesterday, Bob took part in a huge rescue, seizure of 95 animals. One of the animals was a donkey. Everyone was taken to the fairgrounds. On Sunday, the donkey seemed not to be doing well at all, not eating, drinking and seemed very depressed. They transported him to Dr. Ponti's clinic. He was given fluids, vitamins and all they could do. They drew blood but he had no infection and his kidneys and liver were OK. Bob had called last week to check on him and asked if we could adopt him. The SCRAPS office called us today and said he had started to eat and drink a little yesterday and Dr. Ponti though maybe he needed to go to a home and have people and animals around. We went this morning and got Ezra. We had been out to see him one day and petted and loved on him. WELL, he seemed glad to see us and hopped right in the trailer and out when we got home. We put him in a stall next to Raspberry. He looked at her when we led him in. We gave him a big flake of alfalfa/grass hair and a container of some senior type feed we have that Ditto eats. I don't think he has quit eating since he got here. Not gulping it down, just a continuous little bite. And once in a while a bite of grain. I let Raspberry out when I was mucking Sage and Ditto's stalls and she went in under the gate and they shared some hay. Their noses were close and he seemed very happy to have her there. We have found he knows what treats are and sticks his nose out every time we walk by since Bob gave him the first one.

He will be in the stall until he is eating good and has put on some weight. Yuma and Chemmy better be nice to him or we will put him someplace else. He is a large donkey, almost the size of Rosie. The vet says he is in his 20's. When he walks he swings one of his hind legs funny like he has had an injury at some time. So ........ Ezra is home and he seems happy.



  1. I love Ezra! What a wonderful thing to be able to do Lea. blessings, marlene

  2. I think Ezra knows a donkey lover when he sees one and I remember you saying you have a special love of donkeys. He's gonna be pretty darned happy for the rest of his years with you and Bob.

  3. I will look forward to hearing more Ezra stories. I love donkeys. He is so lucky to be adopted by you.

  4. Hope he's okay, poor guy! I heard a lot about that rescue from others, too. Hope all the animals are in better places now.