Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Great Sunday

This was a beautiful day. Raspberry had a good time just bouncing around off and on things all over the place. She follows me to the house and wants to come in bad. No house goat though.
Ezra meeting his fellow donkeys through the fence today. He needs a hoof trimmed on his one hind foot but he is very touchy about that part of his anatomy so Bob is going to wait a while for him to settle in before he tackles it. He is eating well - constantly. He seemed glad to get outside for a while. He wants to be close to Bob though. I tried to lead him opposite where Bob was and he didn't want to go. He did but he kept looking back for Bob.

I love donkey ears. His are really long.

And his eyes on the shaggy face. He loves having his face rubbed.

Katie came over this afternoon and asked me to go for a walk with her. We had a good chat and walked. We walked about a mile - good for both of us.

I took a good nap today. I was watching the start of the NASCAR race and woke up to see who won. Felt better.

Bob is checking off and on tonight. A first calf heifer is acting like tonight is the night. Bob is concerned about her. I hope she does OK. Topper is doing well. She bounces around like a ball when she gets to playing.

Church was good this morning. Saw our special friends Greg and Lisa. Greg is our music pastor and Lisa is the sweetest person. She loves me and I love her. From the moment we met when they came to our church and she was wounded and hurting. God has done great things in their lives and he is an awesome worship leader.

So, that is our Sunday,


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  1. Looks like Bob has a new friend in Ezra..LOL
    Our animal pals pick US, I think.